Thursday, August 7, 2014

Custom Eshakti Dress Review

Dear Fashion Diary,

You have no idea how excited I am about this post. 
I have been waiting and hoping that eShakti would 
contact me to do a dress review! And it finally happened! 
I've been seeing their amazing custom pieces all over
the blogosphere and wanted one so badly :)

The awesome thing about eShakti is that you can send them your Exact measurements, and they make a dress/skirt tailored to YOU! It's like having
your own tailor. There's nothing like putting on a dress that was literally
made just for you. 

I have really long arms and always have the worst time finding: A) dresses with sleeves, and B) sleeves that are the length I want. eShakti gives you the option under Sizing to specify if you have long arms or short arms! 
It gets really specific, I love it. They make sizes 0-36W!

Here's my favorite part. The website has diagrams of all the different types of necklines you can choose. This is more of a fashion preference  than a sizing issue, which is an added bonus! I am OBSESSED with boatnecks {very Audrey Hepburn, who is my idol}. I was so excited to see that was an option! 
instantly adds that vintage vibe I love.

And who doesn't love a dress with pockets?
 I just love how their sizing options work:
They have 3 easy steps once you choose which item you want. Under step 1 you can choose Standard Size, or Custom size. Under Custom Size, they ask for 8- yes 8-measurements! Then you can give them your height in Step 2, and Step 3 gives you custom Styling options. What's not to love? 

Not everyone fits into a cookie-cutter dress that's manufactured on a conveyor belt in a factory, ya know? We all have different shapes and styles that don't always fit into the US sizing charts. 
Finally! I get a dress long enough for my curiously long torso and legs. Finally! The sleeve length I want. Finally! A boatneck dress!!! I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

(here's the funny part. I chose to have the midi length which I usually love, but when it arrived I realized it was too long for a seersucker dress. So I ended up doing some tailoring of my own by hemming the dress shorter by hand. Kindof ironic since the dress was already tailored to me! Lesson learned!)

Dress: eShakti//Shoes: Goodwill//Belt:Target//Necklace: Lulu's//Chain bracelet:yunikelley

Be sure to check out their FacebookPinterest page, and Twitter 
for sales and shop updates!

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

I'm Opening an Etsy Shop!!

I think the title is pretty self-explanatory..but yes it's true! 

*UPDATE* The shop is officially open for business, as of today! 
I only have 5 items listed so far but I will be adding weekly!
I would really appreciate it if you would go check it out :)

I've been wanting to open my own shop ever since I started my blog almost 4 years ago. {Where did the time go, WOW}. I only have a few things ready to sell right now, but that will change :) 
I will be selling handmade embroidery in all sorts of styles, fabrics, colors, and themes! I can also make custom orders for weddings, baby rooms, families etc. I want to stitch anything and everything. I would love to stitch little stick figure families from a photograph too, with the family name. 
I will eventually sell my patterns as downloads for those DIY-ers at home :)
Here are my first few hoops completed!

the Hello Little One Hoop. For a nursery. This is a pale pink but can be done in boy or girl colors.

the back

the 2 Sparrows Hoop. My personal fave! My own design.

Mint threads on a mustard yellow background.

the Frame & Fortune hoop

the back

the You're the Salt to my Pepper hoop. My own design

the back

the Vintage Collage hoop. This was such a blast! I bought the fabric then added my own touches.

the back

french knots are my new favorite

So there's the scoop! I have so many more ideas bursting out of my head, I can't wait to make them a reality! I hope people like my things; 
I've never sold my art before and I'm feeling a bit vulnerable and 
exposed..but it's all very exciting!
I almost forgot- my shop is titled
(pronounced kit-chee) No one I know had heard the word kitschy before so in case you don't know what that means, it basically means vintage  knick-knacks:)

Again, the link is Right Here!
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